We perform evaluation of residential, property, leisure boats and assets in Bergen and Hordaland. 
Change of ownership, valuation, loan / refinancing, condition, damage and complaints.
Jordalsveien 17, 5105 Eidsvåg 
Telefon 959 34 366
Org.nr. 921864639

ABATEC Taksering is owned and operated by appraiser Trond Herdlevær. Long experience, relevant education and certification from the Norwegian Taxation Association provides security and quality for the client.

Please contact 959 34 366 for information. You can also send mail to abatec@online.no or use the form below.


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We carry out most types of valuation for private and commercial companies, insurance companies and banks. Typical assignments are change of ownership and condition reports, complaints, claims reports, household goods and movables - both for property and leisure boats.


We are also authorized for the assessment of professional vessels and industrial machines. Our rates are quoted on request since each assignment is unique in itself and is treated individually. Of course, we have a duty of confidentiality and treat all assignments confidentially.